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Kevin Robert Turner


Author's Notes:

Winchell Price was an unofficial member of the Turner family for nearly 50 years.  A number of his paintings, as well as sources documenting his life and career, are now in my possession.  This book is designed to bring Winchell Price’s paintings and artistic development to the attention of scholars, collectors, and other readers with an interest in Canadian art and culture.

Patricia Anderson, PhD

(Excerpt from Postscript)

Kevin Turner’s account of Price’s life and career is first of all a tribute to the man and the artist. Beyond that, the source material compiled in this book—including exhibition mementos, press clippings, letters, Price’s own recollections, and examples of his paintings—opens a window onto the cultural world of Canada during the first three-quarters of the twentieth century. Although much has changed, that world remains with us today in the form of the regard that so many of us, as Canadians, hold for both nature and its cultural expression—a way of seeing that owes greatly to the aesthetic vision and dedicated work of such artists as Winchell Price.

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